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Courses Conducted

Courses Offered Include

  • Basic and advanced periodontology

  • Perio-esthetics

  • Soft tissue grafting

  • Basic Implantology

  • Advanced techniques in implantology

  • Advanced bone grafting techniques

We conduct these courses at our clinic for a heightened mentor-student interaction and limit intake to 2-3 participants per course.​

Basic Periodontology Course

  • Periodontal Diagnosis

  • Non Surgical therapy and Antibiotic usage

  • Depigmentation, Frenectomy and Gingivectomy, Operculectomy

  • Perio-Esthetics and Crown Lengthening

  • Surgical treatment of Periodontitis

  • Hands-on Flap Surgery with suturing

  • Soft Tissue Recession

  • Bone grafts and membranes=

  • Demonstration of a Free Gingival Graft

  • Hands-on Guided tissue regeneration and soft tissue grafting

  • Special emphasis on Perio & Implants

Basic Implantology

  • Introduction to the world of Dental Implantology

  • Anatomical considerations in Implant dentistry

  • Surgical & Infection control protocols

  • Treatment planning for Implants

  • Radiology in Implant dentistry (including how to read a CBCT)

  • Bone Augmentation procedures

  • Immediate extraction implant placement

  • Components of Impression making and Open/closed tray impression techniques

  • Lab procedures

  • Lecture on troubleshooting and Risks in Implant

  • Full mouth Implant rehabilitation

  • Peri-implantitis


The PerioFamily mentors - Dr Aparna Anand flanked by Dr Akshay Kumarswamy and Dr A.Kumarswamy.


Dr.Akshay Kumarswamy was an ex-faculty at Nova Southeastern University Dental School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at East Carolina University, North Carolina, USA."

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