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Are Dental Implants Safe for Diabetic Patients?

One of the most unpleasant living conditions in today's time and age is diabetes, in which the body fails to regulate blood sugar levels. With a host of other problems and effects on our body, diabetes is known to slow down our healing process. This leads to more questions and confusion for people willing to receive other treatments for different situations.

This includes obtaining a dental implant. The problem is that while diabetes is ruining your overall health, missing a tooth can make things worse over time. As you can see, the lack of a tooth can cause the cheeks to sink and bring more signs of aging to the face than age itself.

However, since it is well known that dental implants take at least six months to heal and that titanium posts are inserted into the jaw, diabetes can be a big problem for people who want to receive implants. In such a case, the safety of using dental implants for diabetics is completely legitimate. Here's a quick look at this issue so you can get all the answers you need before you decide on the dental implant procedure.


Effect of diabetes on the dental implant

Diabetes affects the entire body in ways that can be described as disturbing. There are several options for people who are replacing a lost tooth and struggling with diabetes at the same time. People often prefer a dental implant when they need treatment that lasts a long time, replicates the natural tooth as accurately as possible, and supports the rest of the teeth.

However, they depend on the body's healing power so that the root can be integrated into the jaw. This is followed by the healing of the gums around the implant. This healing process makes the implant look like a real tooth and more durable than bridges and prostheses.

However, as mentioned earlier, diabetes is among the healing process, which significantly increases the likelihood of implant failure. Although implants have a very high success rate (95%), they can fail if proper care is not taken. And an underlying disease such as diabetes can also significantly reduce the success rate.


But is it safe?

Yes, if your diabetes is well controlled and your health is completely in your favor, you can get a dental implant. A dental implant is a better option compared to bridges and dentures to help you heal and follow a diabetes-based diet. You don't even have to worry about implant failure if you have your health at the forefront. And to know the exact status of whether you can get an implant or not, it's always important to tell your dentist your exact medical history.

Therefore, the bottom line is that dental implants are safe for diabetes, but it is more important to maintain and monitor their health before receiving them. A complete pre-implant exam is a must. Meet the professionals at Clive Dental for the best results and comprehensive care for all your dental needs. Book your appointment with a professional today.


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