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Clear Aligner Therapy- A Hybrid Approach

Nowadays, people often cringe at metal braces which is why Invisible braces are getting increasingly popular. One of the prime reasons behind this is its aesthetics and comfort compared to conventional old-school metal braces.

Clear Aligner has become an ideal choice for individuals with healthy teeth and gums and is generally preferred by teenagers and young adults who are highly conscious about their appearance.

Clear Aligner Therapy- A Hybrid Approach

Though the principle and application of clear aligners and metal braces are similar, aligners tend to move teeth slightly differently.

But like it is said! Every good thing comes at a cost, and the case is no different here. Clear Aligner have some limitations that may need your orthodontist’s hybrid approach.

The downside of Clear Aligners

When you visit us for teeth alignment, we will first perform a thorough clinical evaluation to determine your best braces. It is necessary to understand that not everyone is a candidate for Invisible braces.

Invisible braces are an excellent alternative for mild to moderate tooth alignment cases and are proficient in treating protrusions, spacing and crowding irregularities.

We will take a few measurements, bite records, and x-rays to devise a treatment plan to begin your treatment. If you are looking for clear aligners, our team will send your records to the aligner company, where your entire treatment is simulated by employing advanced dentistry software.

In some cases, despite the immaculate planning done before beginning clear aligner treatment, the procedure may hit a few roadblocks during your journey that can only be bypassed using fixed braces treatment.

In such cases, we use a hybrid approach and use fixed braces and clear aligners to give you the most effective results while ensuring aesthetics and comfort throughout the process.

This hybrid approach that brings the best of both worlds of orthodontic treatment to you is being studied and used in real-time by many other experienced practitioners.

The Hybrid Approach is undoubtedly a Win-Win!

The hybrid approach in orthodontics utilizes clear aligners with fixed braces options to ensure patients get effective treatment and a dazzling smile they can flaunt. A hybrid approach has benefits overusing any one form of braces, and these are:

  • Minimised treatment duration

  • Better ability and efficiency in handling unpredictable teeth movements

  • A hybrid approach is generally cost-effective

  • More comprehensive application

We have listed some clinical conditions where a hybrid approach can be incredibly helpful;

De-rotation of teeth

Rotated teeth are challenging to treat, specifically for clear aligners. Clear aligners are not recommended if a patient has multiple teeth rotated as they slow down the de-rotation process, and such teeth tend to relapse.

When this approach is used with conventional braces, followed by clear aligner treatment, we usually place a fixed appliance on the tongue-side or front surface of the teeth, making teeth movements predictable.

Transverse expansions

Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just involve teeth movement, but jaw alignment is needed in some patients. However, clear aligners can only enable teeth movement, making them unsuitable for complex cases requiring transverse expansions of the palate.

Employing a hybrid approach works in these cases where a fixed palatal expander is utilized to expand the upper jaw, followed by a clear aligner treatment.

Vertical tooth movement it’s a major Limitation

Teeth alignment does not always include horizontal movement. In many people, teeth need to be moved into the jaw vertically to align the bite plane. Clear aligners are not very efficient in performing such vertical movements, and these cases are ideal for a hybrid approach.

Bottom Line

Dentistry is evolving, and orthodontics is one of the most advanced fields. Clear aligners are a winner when it comes to providing the best quality of teeth alignment as they allow people to flaunt a beautiful smile even during their orthodontic treatment.

Some cases are challenging to treat using only clear aligners, but deploying a hybrid approach eliminates the limitations of clear aligners, empowers orthodontists to tackle unpredictable tooth movements and ensures patients get the desired smile results.


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