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Debunking Common Root Canal Myths

The Root Canal Treatment (endodontic) has a reputation that is strong enough to send shivers down the spine. Root canal gained this reputation decades ago when treatments were, in reality, quite painful. However, today with advanced technology and better meds, root canal operations are no longer that very uncomfortable.

So what are these myths we are talking about? Is there any reality to it or are these simply some misconceptions? Through this article, you will come across the top ten root canal myths. This article helps you get a better sense of what having a root canal is actually all about.

You may have already heard some of these. Let's find out as we debunk the top 10 popular myths about root canal treatment in 2021.


Root Canal Treatment is Painful

RCT (Root Canal Treatment) is no more a painful procedure as it used to be decades ago. The dentist will administer local anaesthesia to numb the area. This implies one wouldn't feel any kind of pain or even sensation in the region. Furthermore, dentists also prescribe pain killers and antibiotics to manage any further discomfort.

toothache because of root canal treatment

During the recovery stage, one can expect mild to moderate pain in the treated area. As soon it starts healing, the area around the tooth might feel a bit sore and tender. But, if proper care is done, patients can heal faster and soon get rid of that discomfort and mild pain.

Root Canal Treatment is Quite Risky

This is a piece of misleading information that people generally hold. On the contrary, RCT is considered one of the best dental treatments to save your natural tooth. Furthermore, delaying this treatment may make you prone to numerous other health risks.

Dentist in mumbai performing root canal operation

Endodontic therapy is known to be one of the most reliable and successful dental procedures performed today. According to the European Journal of Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment is highly predictable, with success rates varying from 86% to 98%.

RCT is not necessary

Many people hold the notion that there is no need for Endodontic treatment if it does not hurt. However, the pain has nothing to do with the need for treatment. Root Canal procedures have to be initiated with or without pain and ultimately depend on the patient's case as, in the long run, the wound could turn into something much more severe and painful.

rct is necessary

Generally, Patients need a root canal when they notice their teeth are extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods. A previously filled tooth may also require a root canal if there is decay underneath the filling that has involved the nerve (pulp).

Tooth roots removed in RCT

Tooth roots are not removed in RCT

Seriously? Do you really buy this? The Root Canal is a dental procedure to repair and save a severely damaged and infected tooth rather than removing it. RCT follows the process of cleaning and then sealing the tooth's infected pulp with a crown. The process solely intends to restore the roots, not remove them.

RCT is a Time-Consuming Process

This is a subjective one as it depends on the severity of the condition and the patient's recovery. In some cases, root canal treatment can be completed in a single day. However, if the treatment involves a severely infected tooth, a second appointment may be needed.

Generally, the root canals are located at the first session, and the infected pulp is removed. For single-rooted teeth, the treatment can be carried out in a single session. Whereas the back teeth usually call for at least three canals which may require more than one visit.

Pregnant women cannot go for RCT

Pregnant women should avoid undergoing x-rays in the abdominal region, but RCT requires an x-ray of the mouth, making it totally harmless for pregnant women. Furthermore, lead shielding is often used during an x-ray when pregnant women come for treatment at dental clinics.

root canal treatment requires an x-ray of the mouth not abdominal region

The fact is that pregnancy can sometimes cause dental problems, and many women fail to realize that they need a root canal until they are already pregnant. Fortunately, root canal treatment is deemed safe during pregnancy. Please let your dentist know if you are pregnant


These were the most popular myths of 2021 revolving around Root Canal Treatment debunked for you. Now you see, Endodontic therapy is a safe procedure that can save your tooth and prevent other oral health issues.

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