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Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Some patients have dental anxiety and are too afraid to visit a dental clinic even if they are experiencing oral health issues. It stops lakhs of patients from getting appropriate preventative care by reaching out to a dentist.

Dental anxiety is a term employed to express apprehension in a dental setting, delaying or avoiding dental treatment. This fear of visiting a dental clinic can be associated with specific triggers like needles, drills, and a general dental setting.

It's conceivable that about twenty to thirty per cent of the world population experience pre-appointment stress, and most of them avoid routine check-ups due to extreme anxiety.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety in mumbai

The outcomes of this problem may be far more than dental pain or lost teeth. In some cases, gum infections can potentially harm other parts of the body. Contemporary research studies link it to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Fortuitously, dentists worldwide are specially trained in handling nervous patients. Several treatments and techniques have been developed to lessen pain and help reduce dental anxiety.

Dr Kumarswamy's team has listed down the most common Dental Phobias with practical solutions.

One of the most common causes of dental anxiety is negative past experiences. The best example can be the fear of injections as a child. The fear of syringes was seeded in people when they were kids, and eventually, the fear stuck with the child as they grew up.

Apart from negative past experiences, concerns you might have about your oral health can also stop you from visiting a dental clinic. Perhaps you have something ordinary like a toothache or bleeding gums, or you just haven't been to a clinic in several months or years and are afraid of your oral health report. If this is not the case, we have listed other concerns that could restrict you from visiting a dentist.


Pain is closely associated with dental anxiety. As the anticipation of future discomfort is a reason to skip their next appointment. Simply discussing your past pain with your dentist can help eliminate some of these fears.


Perceived loss of control

When you are lying back in the dental chair, it feels like you have lost all control and cannot do anything about it, at least for those who prefer to stay away from the dentist. To help overcome this, ask your dentist to adjust the chair or provide extra support for more comfort, as this can act as a cue for your subconscious, ultimately giving you psychological support.


The hype

Behind treatments is the most common reason, especially considering that personal experience isn't the sole deciding factor with dental anxiety. It simply takes a so-called horror story from a friend or family member's root canal that went spectacularly wrong, and that's enough to make people avoid the treatment. A clear and straightforward dialogue about your dental history is highly recommended.


Sensory issues

Harsh noises, intense silence, weird-looking machines give shivers to some patients when they visit a dentist. Whether it's the ominous whirl of rotary tools or the scraping of plaque off a tooth, there's unquestionably no shortage of obnoxious acoustics and intimidating tools at the dental clinic. Soothing lights, Mild music and other subtle environmental changes can result in easing sensory dental phobias.


Breathing issues

Some dental patients experience breathing difficulties, especially during treatments that involve extensive dental procedures. This can generate feelings of claustrophobia and related anxiety. Everything from nitrous oxide to other respiratory aids can put breathing issues to bed to a certain extent.


To conclude, be sure to visit a dentist who knows how to treat patients with dental anxiety. You need to realise that ignoring your oral health can be a lot scarier than letting yourself in a dental clinic in the long run.

At Dr Kumarswamy's Dental Clinic, we recognise that visiting a new dental clinic can be stressful sometimes. All we can assure you is that we do things differently here by understanding our patient's pain points and comforting them first.

Suffering from dental anxiety? We're here to help. Book an appointment and it will be catered to your needs, ensuring your comfort throughout the treatment.

Patients are informed and educated along the way and have plenty of time to ask questions and get the answers they need to feel confident.

Let us know what we can do to deliver the best possible experience.


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